August 2007

Bilbo Baggins on Courage

I don’t pretend to understand what you are talking about, or your reference to burglars, but think I am right in believing…that you think I am no good. I will show you. I have no signs on my door–it was painted a week ago–, and I am quite sure you have come to the wrong house. As soon as I saw your funny faces on the doorstep, I had my doubts. But treat it as the right one. Tell me what you want done, and I will try it, if I have to walk from here to the East of East and fight the wild Were-worms in the Last Desert.

– Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit

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A Tribe Of Yucca

Yucca Tree Tribe

Red Rock Canyon State Park, California


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Did you see…

…Perseus last night, lobbing fireballs every which way? I drove myself out to the desert to sleep, well, not really to sleep, under the meteors. It was impossible to close my eyes with the sparks flying back and forth. What fun! I met and made friends with Andromeda. She was looking radiant, chained though she was. And her mother and father were there too and they spun together in one vast wheel above me with Pegasus the winged horse in the lead.

Early in the morning, the Pleiades leapt up in the east, late for the party, grasping at Perseus’ heels. Finally at around 2:30, I fell asleep, only to wake again in a few hours to find them all spun round above me. Someone had moved the sky while I was looking away.

A few more fireballs slashing their way across the sky and then they all faded into the blue as the sun rose. And I crawled out of my sleeping bag on the top of that picnic table in the Mojave Desert and got in my car and drove home.


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Currently reading: Typography

Narrow row houses flush with the street are found not only in urban slums but in the loveliest of the old Italian hill towns and Mediterranean villages. A page full of letters presents the same possibilities. It can lapse into a typographic slum, or grow into a model of architectural grace, skilled engineering and simple economy. Broad suburban lawns and wide typographical front yards can also be uninspiringly empty or welcoming and graceful. They can display real treasure, including the treasure of empty space, or they can be filled with souvenirs of wishful thinking. Neoclassical birdbaths and effigies of liveried slaves, stable boys and faded pink flamingoes all have counterparts in the typographic world.

– Robert Bringhurst in The Elements of Typographic Style

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