April 2008

There’s a fire in the canyon

I’ve lived in Southern California for a long time now, a place where natural disasters are the next best thing to sporting events (which are the next best thing to car chases) for creating community and stimulating conversation between strangers. But I’ve never really had firsthand experience with the whole wildfire genre until yesterday/last night/today. We’re on something of an evacuatory lockdown here in the canyon, but I’ve decided to stick around owing to the difficulty of getting back in once you leave. And so I hung out this morning with some of the fire crews (with their permission, of course) to keep tabs on the progress and to appreciate the amazing abilities of the helicopter pilots.


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From a recent trip south of the border

Tijuana vendor, taken with Diana camera, Fuji 400H


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The Back Roads Of Utah…


…are definitely worth the time. Yes, I’ve heard this for years. Now I know firsthand.


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