Gallery: St Petersburg, Russia

st. petersburg gallery

St. Petersburg is a complex city. There are hard surfaces and sharp edges everywhere. Beauty and sophistication. Warm pastels. Darkness. Closed faces.

We walked around the corner to the door of our apartment and a man was lying in the gutter, his head on the curb. It was the middle of the afternoon. He was dressed well and wearing good shoes. No one was paying any attention. Should we help? There was the feeling on the street of studied indifference, of some inscrutable narrative being played out. Why? What were we missing? I stepped carefully, holding my breath, half expecting a trapdoor to open under my feet or something to explode. We stood nearby for awhile, unsure, and then decided to go inside and lay our things down. Climbing to the 5th floor, we looked out the window and he was gone. Where did he go? Had I imagined him? Like dark water, the city seemed to have pulled him under, not a ripple left behind. He stayed in my mind all evening.

Here are a few of my pictures (another gallery from a previous trip can be viewed here.)