Road Tripping

Happy 4th of July everyone. Hope you’re staying cooler than I am. But I shouldn’t say that as it may just a sneaky way of trying to get sympathy. Which I don’t deserve since I am leaving for a short road trip tomorrow. I intend to drive up along the east side of the California Sierras, through Mammoth Lakes, past Lake Tahoe, and then one way or another into Oregon, finishing my drive in Bend.

Shadow Greeley the Wonder Dog will accompany me. He doesn’t know this yet, but I’m sure he’ll be amenable to the idea. Especially if there are rabbits along the way. The rabbits are even more fun than the squirrels because they can run faster and they don’t usually ruin the fun by climbing a tree. Although if a rabbit were to climb a tree, I’d really like to be there.

Anyway, more to come later.