In April of this year I visited South Africa. While in some ways Africa is on everybody’s mind right now, I have this feeling that we are all also a little tired of it. Especially when it comes to AIDS in Africa. Been there, done that, is the basic idea.

To be honest, I think I feel a little that way.

Well, nothing changes that like a little firsthand experience. American churches send over short term teams to try to do some good. I don’t know that Africa benefits a whole lot, but maybe we do, which maybe makes it worth some of the hassle and expense. In any case, I went there for work and ended up being changed a little in the process, trying to figure out what to do with what I saw, trying not to get mad at God, trying to find the grace in the middle of the struggle. I wrote a little about it here and then this week made a video about it.

This is for Valrey and Jonas and Motlope and for all the others out there without a voice.


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Turkey, Stuffing, and Dutch Blitz

…and a lot of lounging around.  It was fun. There are a few pictures here


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