Elmo Studd on the New Year

“2007 is gone.

We think 2008 it.”

– sign in front of Elmo Studd’s Building Supplies

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Antlers and Bon Jovi

panzio.jpgSpotty internet and a tight schedule have kept me from writing here, but this morning I am compelled to use a few moments while at breakfast…

We are in Hungary now, and have been for a week, with a short jaunt into Serbia. The town is called Zalaegerszeg, which is fun to say – “zalla egg er zeg”. I’m sitting drinking a mean cup of coffee in the dining room of our panzio, which is a cross between a motel and a bed and breakfast, or in this case a hunting lodge. We’ve got antlers on the wall, Bon Jovi “Living On A Prayer” playing on the radio, and wireless internet at the breakfast table. How great is that?


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